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Voiceovers by Remy

Announcer / Narrator / Real Person / Audiobooks / Imaging

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Remy Gibson: Voiceover Actor

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Voiceovers By Remy

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- Remy Gibson Bio Excerpt

Remy Gibson is a Master Class graduate from Voices for All. He also has spent more than 20 years in his congregation doing public reading and public speaking ⏤ for audiences numbering into the thousands on a number of occasions.
















company spokesperson










Vocal Characteristics

Remy has self-produced, hosted, and published six different podcasts over the past decade, and he has also written, produced, and published four audiobooks.


Remy grew up as the fifth of seven boys; even now, when some new acquaintance makes the inevitable observation, "You have a radio voice!", he is quick to acknowledge that he and all of his brothers inherited a version of The Voice from their father.

A Little History

Remy Gibson in the Recording Studio

A Master Class graduate

from Voices for All.

More About Remy

With all of the training and practice in using his voice, turning to a career in voice work seemed like a natural move. He began working at his local radio station in the small town of Kewanee, Illinois, at 22, but a combination of family responsibilities and the need for a better-paying job landed him in the role of a mailman, instead.

Still, he never lost his love for doing voice work, and with the advent of less expensive desktop recording equipment, he recorded his audiobook series "Checkwolf" in 2008 and 2009, then moved on to hosting a series of podcasts with short episodes.

Work History

Recorded his 4-book series "Checkwolf" in 2008 and 2009

Current podcast host for Board Game Top 10's (2013-present) and 2.1:  A Netrunner Reboot Project Podcast

5-Minute Update: St. Louis Cardinals (2012)

Dice Tower News (2013)

Android: Netrunner Announcements (2014)

104 Days: A Phineas & Ferb Companion Podcast (with daughter 2021)

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What People Say

⏤ Apple Podcasts review for Board Game Top 10s

One of the best voices for a podcast you will find.

⏤ It's a Thing podcast

Are you familiar with 'mushin/wuxin', the state of not thinking? I'm waiting with bated breath to get another hit of that Remy audio. Despite the fact that I was very much listening to him, I didn't hear a thing he said. Everything he said after, 'Hey, it's Remy' is a complete mystery to me because I go into an instant non-thinking -- or mushin/wuxin -- state at that point. I seem to only re-emerge once he stops talking.

His voice, as smooth as silk, carries a depth and richness that instantly draws you in. With each word he speaks, there's an enchanting undertone that adds a layer of warmth and comfort to his already soothing delivery. It's as if he has mastered the art of tranquility through sound, effortlessly calming, wrapping you in a cocoon of relaxation. His vocal prowess is a rare gift, one that has the power to transport you to a serene state of mind.

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