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Remy Gibson
Voiceovers by Remy

Voiceovers By Remy

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My Story

Remy Gibson is a Master Class graduate from Voices for All. He also has spent more than 20 years in his congregation doing public reading and public speaking -- for audiences numbering into the thousands on a number of occasions. Remy has self-produced, hosted, and published six different podcasts over the past decade, and he has also written, produced, and published four audiobooks. 


Remy grew up as the fifth of seven boys; even now, when some new acquaintance makes the inevitable observation, "You have a radio voice!", he is quick to acknowledge that he and all of his brothers inherited a version of The Voice from their father. 

With all of the training and practice in using his voice, turning to a career in voice work seemed like a natural move. He began working at his local radio station in the small town of Kewanee, Illinois, at 22, but a combination of family responsibilities and the need for a better-paying job landed him in the role of a mailman, instead.

Still, he never lost his love for doing voice work, and with the advent of less expensive desktop recording equipment, he recorded his audiobook series "Checkwolf" in 2008 and 2009, then moved on to hosting a series of podcasts with short episodes: 5-Minute Update (for baseball) in 2012, Dice Tower News (about board games) in 2013, Android: Netrunner Announcements (about a card game) in 2014, 104 Days: A Phineas & Ferb Companion Podcast (about the TV show, hosted with his daughter) in 2021, and 2.1: A Netrunner Reboot Project Podcast (again about a card game) in 2023. Additionally, he has continually hosted the long-running Board Game Top 10s podcast from 2013 to the present.

Remy will come loaded with his in-home professional studio, his familiarity with various recording software from the last 20 years (DART XP, Audacity, GarageBand, and Pro Tools), and his voice -- variously described as resonant, smooth, articulate, calming, and deep. He is quick to respond to direction and suggestions for improvement and is able to quickly turn projects around.

Master Class Graduate from 'Voices For All'

20 Years
Experience in Public Reading & Speaking

Many Voice Types: Natural, Believable, Deep, Announcer-type...

My Mission

If you’re in need of a voiceover to help your project come alive, Voiceovers by Remy is the perfect choice. Remy Gibson has been in the public speaking and voiceover business for over 20 years and his experience shines through in every project.


Remy’s mission is to give you a unique voiceover that fits the tone and style of your project. His expertise and enthusiasm are sure to create an amazing and memorable experience. Get in touch with Remy today to see what he can do for you.

Remy Gibson, Voiceovers By Remy

My Method

With a unique combination of vocal characteristics, Voiceovers by Remy can give you the perfect sound for your project. Remy Gibson, the voice behind the mic, has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. His impressive vocal range is sure to bring your project to life.

From radio and television commercials to audiobooks and video games, Remy has the skills to make your project shine. Get in touch with Remy today to find out how he can help bring your project to life.

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